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WSU Undergraduate Education First-Year Focus

First-Year Focus Instructors for 2018-19

Instructor NameCourse TaughtResidence Hall(s)Email
Anne BoothmanEnglish 101Stephenson North
Roger ChanHistory 105Gannon-Goldsworthy
Robby CooperHuman Development 101Global Scholars, Northside
Julian DodsonHistory 105Streit-Perham
Ken FaunceHistory 105Wilmer-Davis, Stevens, Community-Duncan Dunn, McCroskey, Honors
Elle FournierEnglish 101Scott-Coman
Katy FryHistory 105Scott-Coman
Nazua IdrisEnglish 101Stephenson South
Afshin KhanSchool of the Environment 101Streit-Perham
Laura KuhlmanEnglish 101Olympia
Michelle MannHistory 105Regents, Stimson, Waller
Rob McCoyHistory 105Regents, Stimson, Waller
Lisa McIntyreSociology 101Regents, Stimson, Waller
Julie MenardSchool of the Environment 101Rogers, Orton
Hallie MeredithFine Arts 101Stephenson East
Brenna MillerHistory 105Stephenson East-
Deb NelsonHuman Development 101Wilmer-Davis, Stevens, Community-Duncan Dunn, McCroskey, Honors
Ben Nobbs-ThiessenHistory 105Rogers, Orton
Rory OngComparative Ethnic Studies 101Gannon-Goldsworthy
Karen PhoenixHistory 105Stephenson North, Stephenson South
Laura PowersEnglish 101Rogers, Orton
Eugene SmelyanskyHistory 105Rogers, Orton
Jesse SpohnholzHistory 105Olympia
Clif StrattonHistory 105Global Scholars, Northside
Rasina TanvirEnglish 101Olympia
Sarah WalshHistory 105Stephenson East
Charles WellerHistory 105Rogers, Orton
Anna WhitehallHuman Development 205Streit-Perham
Kara WhitmanSchool of the Environment 110Wilmer-Davis, Stevens, Community-Duncan Dunn, McCroskey, Honors
Kurt WilkieSchool of the Environment 105Gannon-Goldsworthy
Rich ZackEntomology 101
Entomology 103
Regents, Stimson, Waller